5 of the Eeriest Places in the World

Spooky places may not be on top of many travelers’ must-visit list. But there are some sites where the creep and fear factor seem to serve as the biggest draws. Here’s a look at some of the eeriest places in the world and why you should visit them…or not.

1. Aokigahara (Fujikawaguchiko, Japan)

Death seems to pervade the infamous Aokigahara Forest. Also known as Suicide Forest, many have chosen to die there. Several bodies of people believed to have committed suicide have been found there with many still possibly left undiscovered. Death by hanging from the forest’s trees is said to be one of the most common methods of taking one’s life within the eerie vastness of Aokigahara.

2. Catacombes de Paris (Paris, France)

The Catacombes de Paris or Catacombs of Paris are a network of underground ossuaries in the City of Light. The place used to be a limestone quarry during the ancient times. Sometime in the 1780s, some of the bones dug out from overflowing cemeteries in the city were transferred to the catacombs. It now home to over six million Parisian’s skeletal remains.

3. Fort Alexander (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Fort Alexander is an abandoned place somewhere in the Baltic Sea. It once served as a naval fortress. But what made it interesting in a creepy kind of way is that it also became the base for a plague research facility at some point.

4. Akodessewa Fetish Market (Lomé, Togo)

Akodessewa Fetish Market is a different kind of marketplace where you will find some of the most unusual items imaginable. This voodoo market sells a wide array of things – from monkey heads to animal bones among many others. It is essentially a pharmacy or go-to market for voodoo practitioners.

5. Jatinga (Assam, India)

The small village of Jatinga is known for its mysterious bird phenomenon. Every year, between the months of September and November, many birds plunge to their deaths. This strange phenomenon known as the Bird Mystery typically occurs after sunset as soon as the sky turns dark and often during moonless nights.