What Makes MIG Welding Unique

jaguar xj 2006Have you seen a Jaguar while traveling to an unusual place? Did you know that adaptive MIG welding was used to join C-pillars to the aluminum roof section of that sports car? Impressive, isn’t? Even the automotive industry finds MIG welding unique and useful. But what is it exactly?

The Definition of MIG welding

Metal Inert Gas or MIG welding is an arc welding process wherein a continuous solid wire electrode is being fed via a welding gun and into the weld pool to join two base materials. A shielding gas is conveyed through the gun as well to protect the pool from getting contaminated. MIG welding is also known as wire welding and Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW).

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The Uniqueness of MIG Welding

Below are the following points that make this famous welding process one of a kind.

It only has one standard polarity and voltage type.

mig welding

If you compare it with all other welding processes in terms of voltage and polarity, you’ll find that it only has one standard voltage and polarity type. It uses direct current or DC as a voltage type, and the polarity of the DC electrode is always positive.

The materials should be completely clean before welding.

Flux-Cored and Stick electrodes can deal with dirt, oil, rust, and other contaminants pretty well because they have higher amounts of special additives. On the other hand, the solid MIG wire can’t handle those contaminants very well. This is why the materials should be cleaned using a grinder or a metal brush before striking an arc.

It’s a semi-automated process.

Other kinds of welding are categorized as automated or automatic welding. This means the welder has little to no part when it comes to the actual welding process. It’s the same thing with robotic welding which obviously implies that a robot conducts the welding. In a few cases, MIG welding can also be accomplished robotically. However, the welder usually holds the MIG welding gun, which is a device that completes the welding process. Because of this, MIG welding is dubbed as a semi-automatic process wherein the MIG gun continuously feeds a solid wire electrode via the gun into the weld pool.

The process is easy to learn.

Mig_Welding_OverheadUnlike other welding procedures, MIG welding is easy to learn. Any artist, automotive enthusiast, DIY lover, and even farmer can learn this process. Making repairs or maintaining welds isn’t tricky and techniques can be perfected with a few practices. A lot of people choose MIG welding because it’s a flexible process that’s easy to learn.

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